German Tunnels Book

Jerseys German Tunnels LargeThe long-awaited successor to 'German Tunnels in the Channel Islands'. As its title suggests, this second edition focuses on Jersey alone, and the tunnels in Guernsey, Alderney and Sark will now be covered in a separate publication produced by Festung Guernsey.

Much of the original text remains, but, where appropriate, it has been revised and updated, and the opportunity has been taken to include new material. The format of the book has also been improved, and the tunnel plans are now in colour, along with the majority of the photographs and other illustrations.

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Channel Islands Occupation Review

review422015, No.43, CIOS (Jersey)

A love letter to Jersey · Matters Arising In The East · Hungry, Down At Heel And Elated: Liberation Day, 9 May 1945 · Force 135: CI Contingent · Strongpoint Plemont · Clogs And Clothing: Life In The Summerland Factory · Force 135: Fatalities · Do They Ever Come Back: The Wilhelm Gogel Story · MP3 Observation Tower: Returning From Obscurity · Liberation In The Frame · Arthur Clare Halliwell FRCS And The German Occupation · Daytrip To Saint-Malo: "The Fall Of Die Zitadelle - August 1944" · 70th Anniversary Of The Arrival Of The SS Vega · Type 646 Water Storage Bunkers In Jersey And Salvage Operation At RN Lewis Tower


review422014, No.42, CIOS (Guernsey)

A story from photographs - Heinrich Bakker · Escape from Paris · Matthew's Sark Party and Alderney · Dutch forced labourers from Weststellingwerf (Friesland) on Guernsey in 1942 · Training Exercise uncovers an unexploded Second World War British Parachute Mine in Guernsey · The last German convoy to Alderney from Cherbourg June 1944 · Lt-Col Stoneman, TD, RA, Force 135 - Presentation Silverware, Guernsey, 25th July 1945 · Crash-landed on Alderney: The story of two Spitfires · Bréhon Tower · Oberst August Freidrich Runge · Through the eyes of a child · Operation 'Hardtack 28' - The Commando Raid on Jersey · Lifeboats at War · Festung Guernsey Group · Work by German Military Geologists on the British Channel Islands during the Second World War, Part 6.


review412013, No.41, CIOS (Jersey)

The Swastika Campaign, Heiner Magsam: The last Inselkommandant of Sark, Coin Varin "Kernwerk": Interpretation panel placed at last, Jersey's Artillery Commander: The history of Colonel Emil Ziegler and his Artillery Regiment 319, Saint Barbara cartoon book, Occupation Signs: Part 1 - Commanders and Kommandants, Work by German military geologists on the British Channel Islands during the Second World War, Byron Road, Obituary: Engelbert Hoppe, Plaque unveiled in Germany commemorates former member of the occupying forces, Close call for unique inscription.


Review 40

2012, No.40, CIOS (Guernsey)

III Kompanie Fahrrad Zug, Bill Amos, Commandos in Herm?, Operation Hackaback, Minquiers 28 May 1945, Ringstande fur Kampfwagenturme in Guernsey, Skeletons in Sark, German Searchlights in Alderney, Casquets/Burhou, Recollections by Werner Kruger, No 20 Civil Affairs unit, Force 135, Thunderbolt P-47, SS Madali and SS Lafcomo, Lihou, Dr Rudolf Wahrendorf, the other Bizerta 305mm guns German Geologists part 4,and Festung Guernsey.


Review 392011, No. 39, CIOS (Jersey)Seydlitz, Karl Hubner, a Noirmont Polish forced labourer returned, German defences in the cold war, General de Gaule's flying visit, small victories and a journey into danger, The missing link, an amusing incident, Huffmeier and Aribert Oberheidtmann, Horst Fugen, German Hut, operation Aerial and preservation progress.


Review 382010, No. 38, CIOS (Guernsey)
A Guernsey homecoming, Operation Hardtack 7 & 22, Medicine and public health in the CI. Tank Turrets in Alderney, Liberation recollections, Montague Dawson War Artist, Berhard Von Tschirschky, German Rescue Buoys, Britons under Hitler, Crash of Dornier 17/p, Reinforced Field orders for 4.7cm Pak bunkers in Alderney, Secret of Batterie Mirus, the other '88, Die Alderney Sonnenhuhr, Fortress Signals Network of Jersey, Treasures from the deep, Joyous welcome - tragic ending and Obituary Bill Bell


Review 372009, No. 37, CIOS (Jersey)
A prisoner of Peace by Engelbert Hoppe, Insurance in Jersey during the Occupation by Bob Le Sueur, The story of Wulf, Prahl and the missing Green book by Mark Lamerton, Festung Jersey despatch box by Mark Lamerton, Tank Turrets in Jersey by Jeremy Hamon, Herr Paul Lubbe by Harry Aubin, Geologists part 3 by Edward Rose and Dierk Willig, Char B by Chris Addy, Preservation Progress at RN Millbrook by Neil Walker.


Review 362008, No. 36, CIOS (Guernsey)
Alderney Liberated, Fl. Lt. H. Hailstone, Mirus Guns, Return Journey of Deportees, Policing during the Occupation, Dr. Alistair Rose Part III, Albert Engel,, Guernsey Prison, U-275, A Italian's Occupation, Trench Art of Byll Balcombe, Searchlights in Guernsey.


Review 352007, No. 35, CIOS (Jersey)
L403 Flak Command Bunker, Herman Lauster in Guernsey, The Escape attempt, That man had my car!, Do they ever come back - Engelbert Hoppe return of the reluctant Soldier, The fall and rise of R.N. Richtfeuer, tragic minefield accident at Fermain Bay, Guernsey, Work by German Military Geologists - part 2, Mirus in the late '40s, Preservation progress by Paul Burnal


Review 342006, No. 34, CIOS (Guernsey)
Liberation Treasure Chest - The Uniforms of Maj. G. Johnson. Guenther Brauner, A Childs War, Liberation Cavalcades, Merlyn Severn, VS-6 Hitlers Secret Weapon for Guernsey, Herman Offenwanger, Batterie Steinbruch.


Review 332005, No. 33, CIOS (Jersey)
Includes: - Short history of Batterie Blucher, Alderney by Trevor Davenport and Terry Gander; Engineering an Escape by Jenny Chamier Grove; German Searchlights in Jersey by Jeremy Hamon; Rev'd Ord's diary -The Last Months by Rev'd Herbert White BA; Work by German Geologists on the British Isles (Walter Klupfel, Walter Wetzel and Fredrich Rohrer) by Edward P.F. Rose; The German Occupation of the Channel islands as Mirrored in its Postage Stamps; 1940-45 and Post-War by Norbert Sauermilch; Preservation Progress by Paul Burnal and Matthew Costard.


Review 322004, No. 32, CIOS (Guernsey)
Includes: - A Teacher's Experience by Ruby le Page; Alderney & Sylt Camp – the Memories of Sylvester Kukula by Jolanta Boot; Sylt Camp and Letter from Himmler; Occupation Recipes; Book Review – Festung Alderney by P H. de L. Martin; Memorandum on Germans by the late rev. John Leale; Batterie Scharnhorst, Guernsey by Ian Brehaut & Ernie Gavey; Batterie Schlieffen, Jersey by Michael Ginns, MBE; Brecqhou Goes To War by Chris Le Tissier; Silent Resistance, the V-Sign Badges by G. Carr & R. L. Heaume; Do They Ever Come Back? - Paul Sommerfeld by P. Bourgaize; USS Maloy, Destroyer Escort 791 by Maynard B. Williamson; Gallery of Previously Unpublished Photographs; the Story of Egypt (Trinity, Jersey) by Michael Ginns, MBE; Oblt. Friedrich Rammel, Flak Regt 39 by R. L. Heaume; Preservation Progress: Naval Signals Bunker, Luftwaffe H.Q. & Group Visits, Guernsey by P. Bourgaize; Preservation Progress: Batterie Generalloberst Dollmann, Guernsey Armouries by Ian Brehaut, Dave Malledent & Tony Froome.


Review 312003, No. 31, CIOS (Jersey)
Includes: - Siebel-Fähren & Artilleriefährprahme in Channel Islands Waters 1941-1945 by Norbert Sauermilch; Noel McKinstry by Dr Louise Willmot; the French Renault Char B Tank in German Service in World War Two by Dr Werner Regenberg; Compulsory German Classes by Jenny Chamier Grove; Diary Entries and Letters by Albin Ballauf, 1st Company Pioneer Battalion 319 contributed by Dieter Ballauf, and submitted by Richard Heaume; 'Wolff of the Gestapo' by Michael Ginns, MBE; Reconciliation: The Twinning of St Helier and Bad Wurzach by Josephine Ginns; Permits/Ausweis Issued to William Robert Alec Richardson by Damien Horn; Preservation Progress at La Carrière by Matthew Costard.


Review 302002, No.30, CIOS (Guernsey)Published in 2005
Includes: -The Deportations from the Channel Islands to Germany; Recalling the Granville Raid; The Rev. Ord Diary; Operation Nestegg; M.I.5 Extracts; The 'Gloster Hotel'; Internment in Germany; An Unsuccessful Escape; A Gunner of Flak Battery Rabenstein.


Review 292001, No.29, CIOS (Jersey)
Includes: - The Luftwaffe in Jersey 1940~1941; Accidental Tourists: Germany, the Channel Islands, and Espionage, 1940~45; Jail and escape under the Jackboot; Notes on a Planned Mutiny of the German Armed Forces in Jersey on 1st May 1945, and on the German Deserter, Paul Mülbach; Anti-Tank Walls in Jersey ~ A Blessing or Burden?; The Restoration of a Stoewer R 200S Radio Car (Le.Pkw.Kfz.2.fu); The End of Command Post "Battle Group Sea Targets East"; The Restoration of the "Kernwerk" Bunker; Preservation Progress at Noirmont Command Bunker;


Review 282000, No.28, CIOS (Guernsey), 60th Anniversary of Occupation
Includes: - 40th Anniversary of the C.I.O.S; Impressions of the Occupation of Guernsey; A Startling Experience for Both Sides ~ Alderney And Guernsey; 'Red' Enigma, Boniface and the 'Y' Service ~ Events of 27th June to 1st July 1940; Legion Condor in the Channel Islands; St Jacques German Naval Signals Bunker ~ Preservation Progress and a Unique Find; Rolling Field Kitchens; Occupying my Mind 1940~1945; Frank Edward Stroobant - an Appreciation by a Fellow Internee; Sixty Years ago ~ May and June in Jersey 1940; Memories of Fort George Guernsey ~ 5th September 1939 to June 1940; Who's Been Sleeping in my House?; The German Harbour Protection Flotilla ~ June to August 1942.


Review 271999, No.27, CIOS (Jersey)
Includes: - The Little Commandant of Sark; No.1 Silvertide; British Coasters Under the Swastika; Do They Ever Come Back? Part VIII - Herr Otto Schmiegler; Clandestine Activities; A Russian in Hiding - "Bill" Feodor Burriy; Pilot Officer Scheidhauer - The Forced Landing and "the Great Escape"; Operation Tunnel - A Survivor's Reminiscence.


Review 261998, No.26, CIOS (Guernsey)
Includes: - Escape from Alderney; Memories of an Evacuee in Oldham; Four Years as an Occupation Soldier in Guernsey; MNO Kanalinseln Restoration Project; How Did the Occupation Affect the Health of Channel Islanders?; An Unofficial Fortress Tour ~ June 1945; The German Harbour Protection Flotilla ~ August 1942; Batterie Generaloberst Restoration Project; A German Naval Doctor in Jersey 1942~1945; Memories of Occupation & Liberation; Jersey Coastal Artillery ~ Battery Plans from Festung Jersey 1944 ~ Part 3; Preservation Progress in Jersey.


Review 251997, No.25, CIOS (Jersey)
Includes: - The Soldatenheim Guest Book; Do They Ever Come Back? Part VII-Herr Alfred Knipps; A Ghost is Laid to Rest; No Surrender - A Postscript; The Model Occupation - Setting the Record Straight; Foreign Workers' Burials in Guernsey - A Re-Appraisal; A Jersey Holiday in 1947; 88's in the Channel Islands.


Review 241996, No.24, CIOS (Guernsey)
Includes: - Festung Guernsey 1944 - Part 3; Force 135 - Recollections of the Liberation of Guernsey; The Visit of Major Gruzdev; General De Gaulle and English 'Coffee'; A German Anti-Aircraft Battery Commander in Guernsey; Jersey Coastal Artillery - Battery Plans from Festung Jersey 1944 - Part 2.


Review 231995, No.23, CIOS (Jersey), Special 50th Anniversary of the Liberation Edition
Includes: - Atlantic Wall Blueprint; Liberation Day ~ Jersey; Liberation Voyage; Operation Nestegg & Task Force 135; French North African POWs; Preservation Progress.


Review 221994, No.22, CIOS (Guernsey)
Includes: - Festung Guernsey 1944 - Part 2; Methodism Occupied; CIOS Review Index 1984-1993; November 1944 - A Dog's Life; Do They Ever Come Back? Hasso von Schaaffhausen; A Last Salute to Chouet Tower; Jersey Coastal Artillery - Battery Plans from Festung Jersey 1944 - Part 1.


Review 201992, No.20, CIOS (Guernsey)
Includes: -Festung Guernsey 1944 - Part 1; The Identity Card System in Occupied Guernsey; German Road Numbering System in Jersey - Part 1; Deportation from Guernsey; Captured on the Casquets – An Ornithological Footnote.


Review 181990, No.18, CIOS (Guernsey)
Includes: - The Arrival of the Occupying Forces; The Bundesarchiv, Koblenz; "Piccadilly Commando" - A second Chapter; Unternehmung Grünepheil (Operation Green Arrow); German and Austrian Settlers in Guernsey; The Unexpected Meadow Saffron; Abandoned Alderney; The 2cm Flak 30; The Oestmann Correspondence.

Bunker Guides

A Guide To Batterie MoltkeA Guide To Batterie Moltke
New guide for the extensive above- and below-ground fortifications at Les Landes, complete with new illustrations and historic photos showing the gun battery during wartime and at Liberation. Contains accurate maps of the extensive tunnel network connecting the various bunkers and the location of all the fortifications around the headland. Also includes a section on the recently re-opened MP 3 Naval Direction and Range-Finding Tower.


A Guide To The German Shoreline Defences Of St Aubins BayA guide to the German Shoreline Defences of St Aubin's Bay
A new guide booklet - 32 pages with a fortification trail map in centre pages and photos from the fortifications in St Aubin's Bay in 1944 and today.


A Guide To Strongpoint CorbiereA guide to Strongpoint Corbiere
A new guide booklet - 18 pages with a fortification trail map in centre pages and photos from the strongpoint in operation and today.


A Guide To Batterie LothringenA guide to Batterie Lothringen
A new guide booklet - 18 pages with a fortification trail map in centre pages and photos from the Noirmont Point battery in operation and today.


The Organisation Todt And The Fortress EngineersThe Organisation Todt and the Fortress Engineers in the Channel Islands
An updated and reprinted archive book 8, it has 168 pages - illustrated.


Operating under occupationOperating Under Occupation
The story of the life and work of Arthur Clare Halliwell FRCS, Consultant Surgeon at the Jersey General Hospital during the German Occupation 1940-1945.

Contains 166 pages and over 60 illustrations. Written and compiled by Michael Halliwell.


Jerseys german bunkersJersey's German Bunkers
With German Fortifications in Jersey (1975) now being out of print, Archive Book No.9 has been written and published in response to the continued and large number of enquiries, especially from tourists, for such a publication, 170 pages, nearly 100 photographs, 7 bunker plans, 6 line drawings from German sources, and 3 maps.


A Guide To German Fortifications On GuernseyA Guide to German Fortifications on Guernsey
Photographs, bunker plans and maps throughout the 87 pages. Revised June 2001 edition by Ernie Gavey


Festung Alderney, the German Defences of Alderney
This A4 format book is profusely illustrated with 10 maps, more than 50 plans and 250 photographs of which 90 are colour. Published in association with the Alderney Society and the Guernsey branch of the Channel Islands Occupation Society, 2003. By Trevor Davenport


DVD Channel Islands OccupiedChannel Islands Occupied
A highly acclaimed television documentary produced by Brian Matthews and Tomahawk Films. This DVD also offers a 40 minute bonus-film: "Stars on the Landscape". Produced by David Williams, (and narrated by Tomahawk's Brian Matthews), with the assistance of Jersey's German Occupation Society, this is a terrific 'behind the scenes' look at some of the finest German Fortifications of Hitler's Atlantic Wall, all sympathetically restored by Jersey volunteers - a cracking film!! World Play (all regions) DVD. (running time: 90 minutes)
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