Val de la Mare, Saint Ouen

Heavy Machine Gun top

Situated on the junction of Le Mont Rossignol and Route du Moulin to the rear of the Les Golf & Country Club in St. Ouen's Bay; car parking and access to the bunker is in Route du Moulin, beside the prominent German railway bridge and Bethesda Methodist Chapel.

With steel cupolas up to 12 inches in thickness, these 'Sechsschartentürme' ('Six-loopholed turret') bunkers once proliferated along the Atlantic Wall. Now, thanks to the activities of the scrapmen, this is one of the few surviving examples.

The interested visitor may access the interior of the cupola, equipped with a deactivated MG 34 machine-gun, and peer through the optics to see a landscape that has changed little since it was viewed as a potential invasion point by the German garrison.

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2017 Open Times

Open times for this season will be posted here by late April - early May.

If you are travelling to Jersey and need to plan your visit please contact us to arrange a private or group tour in advance.

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