La Corbière Point, Saint Brelade

M-19 top

Situated to the right of the road leading to the lighthouse; look for the signs.

This bunker is of great importance as it housed a rare type of fortress mortar. Owing to the complexity and cost involved, very few of these weapons were ever made, and the bunker is the only example of its type in Jersey.

The mortar was removed shortly after the Occupation, and its armoured cupola was cut up for scrap in the 1950s. However, the bunker has been restored to a very high standard, and the excellent displays and exhibits provide ample guidance to the workings of this unique installation.

Another interesting and unusual feature is the tunnel which links the 'M19' to a recently excavated heavy machine-gun bunker 100 yards away.

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2017 Open Times

Open times for this season will be posted here by late April - early May.

If you are travelling to Jersey and need to plan your visit please contact us to arrange a private or group tour in advance.

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