Millbrook, Saint Lawrence

Antitank Casemate top

This bunker, which can be found on the sea wall adjacent to the cycle track and Old Station Café at Millbrook, Victoria Avenue, was something of a time capsule when reopened in 1985.

It has since been restored to pristine condition, and contains a rare 4.7cm Pak K36(t) Czech gun, along with a wealth of original fixtures and fittings, including a full set of air ventilation equipment.

Keep a look out for the soldiers' names above their clothes pegs, gas alarm instructions, and the original wiring and electrical fittings - which are still in use.

Toilet facilities nearby

Car parking nearby

Bus stop nearby

2016 Opening Times

Open on the following Sundays from 11:00am to 3:30pm:

Sunday 22nd
Sunday 12th
Sunday 17th
Sunday 14th
Sunday 25th

Please note that, owing to volunteer commitments, it may not be possible to open on some of the advertised dates.

Admission £2, accompanied children free.

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