Les Landes, Saint Ouen

Moltke top

There are few distinguishing landmarks, but look for the signs at the entrance to the track onto Les Landes Common at the top of the steep hill above L'Etacq.

This is a restored section of the army battery 'Moltke' which once sprawled across the headland. On permanent exterior display is one of the original 15.5cm K418(f) French field guns from the battery, initially pushed over the nearby cliffs by the British Army in 1946, and retrieved in the 1990s.

In an adjacent emplacement are further examples of coastal artillery pieces used in the Island, and subsequently rescued from the same watery grave.

Below ground, there is an extensive complex of passage-linked personnel and ammunition bunkers.

No toilet facilities nearby

Car parking nearby

Bus stop nearby

15.5cm K418(f) French field gun
15.5cm K418(f) French field gun
20mm Oerlikon Flak 29 anti-aircraft gun
20mm Oerlikon Flak 29 anti-aircraft gun

Map of number 4 gun bunkers and tunnels

2016 Opening Times

Open on the following dates from 11:00am to 4:30pm, excepting the October nighttime opening

Sunday 10th
Saturday 23rd
Sunday 1st
Monday 9th (Liberation Day)
Sunday 22nd
Saturday 4th
Sunday 12th
Saturday 25th Cancelled
Sunday 10th
Saturday 16th
Sunday 24th
Sunday 31st
Sunday 7th
Sunday 14th
Saturday 20th
Monday 29th (Bank Holiday)
Sunday 11th
Sunday 18th
Sunday 25th
Saturday 8th - Night Time Opening, 8pm to 10pm, bring a torch

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