Bunker Locations


Battery Lothringen, Noirmont Point, Saint Brelade

MP-1-squareMP-1 Coastal Artillery Observation Tower

The tower, with its brooding cliff-top presence over the Island's sea approaches is, for many, one of the most potent symbols of the Occupation. The tower was, in fact, known as a 'Marine Peilstand' or 'Naval direction-finding tower', and is one of three constructed in Jersey, out of a planned total of nine.

m-132-squareM-132 Underground Command Bunker

Extending to a depth of 40ft. on two floors, this impressive bunker was the Command Post (Leitstand) for the naval coastal artillery battery 'Lothringen' located here. One of four built to a similar design in the Channel Islands, the bunker was surmounted by a range-finder and two periscopes to determine the distance and speed of sea targets.


Strongpoint Corbiere, La Corbière Point, St. Brelade

10-5-square10.5cm Coastal Defence Gun Casemate

This is the only coastal defence bunker in the Saint Ouen's Bay area to retain its original gun, and is practically complete.

At the sharp end is the 1918 vintage 10.5cm K331(f) weapon, which is actually French in origin, having been captured by the Germans in 1940, and subsequently converted to fortress use in the Channel Islands.

The gun had a range of 10-12 km and was part of a network of similar weapons along the coast whose purpose was to prevent the formation of a beachhead, in the event of an Allied invasion.

m19-squareM19 Fortress Mortar & Heavy MG Bunkers

This bunker is of great importance as it housed a rare type of fortress mortar. Owing to the complexity and cost involved, very few of these weapons were ever made, and the bunker is the only example of its type in Jersey.

The mortar was removed shortly after the Occupation, and its armoured cupola was cut up for scrap in the 1950s. However, the bunker has been restored to a very high standard, and the excellent displays and exhibits provide ample guidance to the workings of this unique installation.


Millbrook, Saint Lawrence

millbrook-square4.7cm Anti-Tank Gun Casemate

This bunker, which can be found on the sea wall adjacent to the cycle track and Old Station Café at Millbrook, Victoria Avenue, was something of a time capsule when reopened in 1985.

It has since been restored to pristine condition, and contains a rare 4.7cm Pak K36(t) Czech gun, along with a wealth of original fixtures and fittings, including a full set of air ventilation equipment.

Keep a look out for the soldiers' names above their clothes pegs, gas alarm instructions, and the original wiring and electrical fittings - which are still in use.


Val de la Mare, Saint Ouen

6-turret-squareSechsschartenturm, Heavy Machine-Gun Turret Bunker

Situated on the junction of Le Mont Rossignol and Route du Moulin to the rear of the Les Golf & Country Club in St. Ouen's Bay; car parking and access to the bunker is in Route du Moulin, beside the prominent German railway bridge and Bethesda Methodist Chapel.

With steel cupolas up to 12 inches in thickness, these 'Sechsschartentürme' ('Six-loopholed turret') bunkers once proliferated along the Atlantic Wall. Now, thanks to the activities of the scrapmen, this is one of the few surviving examples.

The interested visitor may access the interior of the cupola, equipped with a deactivated MG 34 machine-gun, and peer through the optics to see a landscape that has changed little since it was viewed as a potential invasion point by the German garrison.



Battery Moltke, Les Landes, Saint Ouen

les-landes-square15.5cm Gun Emplacements & Underground Bunker

This is a restored section of the army battery 'Moltke' which once sprawled across the headland. On permanent exterior display is one of the original 15.5cm K418(f) French field guns from the battery, initially pushed over the nearby cliffs by the British Army in 1946, and retrieved in the 1990s.

In an adjacent emplacement are further examples of coastal artillery pieces used in the Island, and subsequently rescued from the same watery grave.

Below ground, there is an extensive complex of passage-linked personnel and ammunition bunkers.

Group Tours

Groups are invited to come and visit the bunkers year-round. To arrange a guided visit please book in advance with Ian Chatterley on (01534) 768785 or chatterleyian@gmail.com.

Bunker Guides

A Guide To Batterie MoltkeA Guide To Batterie Moltke
New guide for the extensive above- and below-ground fortifications at Les Landes, complete with new illustrations and historic photos showing the gun battery during wartime and at Liberation. Contains accurate maps of the extensive tunnel network connecting the various bunkers and the location of all the fortifications around the headland. Also includes a section on the recently re-opened MP 3 Naval Direction and Range-Finding Tower.

A Guide To The German Shoreline Defences Of St Aubins BayA guide to the German Shoreline Defences of St Aubin's Bay
A new guide booklet - 32 pages with a fortification trail map in centre pages and photos from the fortifications in St Aubin's Bay in 1944 and today.

A Guide To Strongpoint CorbiereA guide to Strongpoint Corbiere
A new guide booklet - 18 pages with a fortification trail map in centre pages and photos from the strongpoint in operation and today.

A Guide To Batterie LothringenA guide to Batterie Lothringen
A new guide booklet - 18 pages with a fortification trail map in centre pages and photos from the Noirmont Point battery in operation and today.

The Organisation Todt And The Fortress EngineersThe Organisation Todt and the Fortress Engineers in the Channel Islands
An updated and reprinted archive book 8, it has 168 pages - illustrated.

Operating under occupationOperating Under Occupation
The story of the life and work of Arthur Clare Halliwell FRCS, Consultant Surgeon at the Jersey General Hospital during the German Occupation 1940-1945.

Contains 166 pages and over 60 illustrations. Written and compiled by Michael Halliwell.

Jerseys german bunkersJersey's German Bunkers
With German Fortifications in Jersey (1975) now being out of print, Archive Book No.9 has been written and published in response to the continued and large number of enquiries, especially from tourists, for such a publication, 170 pages, nearly 100 photographs, 7 bunker plans, 6 line drawings from German sources, and 3 maps.

A Guide To German Fortifications On GuernseyA Guide to German Fortifications on Guernsey
Photographs, bunker plans and maps throughout the 87 pages. Revised June 2001 edition by Ernie Gavey

Festung Alderney, the German Defences of Alderney
This A4 format book is profusely illustrated with 10 maps, more than 50 plans and 250 photographs of which 90 are colour. Published in association with the Alderney Society and the Guernsey branch of the Channel Islands Occupation Society, 2003. By Trevor Davenport

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