Magazines sold in Jersey during the German Occupation

(E) = English edition | (F) = French edition | (G) = German edition

Der Adler (German Air Force publication)

1940, December 17th, No.25, (G).
1941, February 25th, No.4, (G).
1941, March 11th, No.5, (G).
1941, September 23rd, No.19, (G).
1941, November 18th, No.18, (G).
1942, January 13th, No.13, (G).
1942, March 10th, No.5, (G).
1942, April 21st, No.8, (G).
1942, June 30th, No.13, (F).
1942, October 6th, No.20, (F).
1942, December 1st, No.24, (F).
1942, December 29th, No.26, (F).
1943, January 12th, No.1, (F).
1943, June 29th, No.13, (G).
1943, August 10th, No.16, (F).
1943, August 24th, No.17, (F).
1943, November 30th, No.24, (F).
1944, February 22nd, No.4, (F).
1944, March 21st, No.6, (F).
1944, April 4th, No.7, (F).
1944, April 18th, No.8, (F).

Die Kriegsmarine (German Navy Magazine)

1941, September, No.23, (G).
1941, December, 1941, No.18, (G).

Die Wehrmacht (German Army Magazine)

1940, November 20th, (G).
1942, March 4th, (G).
1942, April 15th, (G).
1943, March 17th, (G).
1943, August 4th, (G).
1943, August 18th, (G).
1943, October 13th, (G).

Signal (a bi-weekly publication by Deutscher Verlag, Berlin)

1940, Second November Number, No.16, (F). Donated by Dr W. Le Quesne March 2003.

1941, First January Number, No.1, (F).
1941, Second January Number, No.2, (E).
1941, Second February Number, No.4, (E).
1941, Second March Number, No.6, (E).
1941, First April Number, No.7, (E).
1941, Second May Number, No.10, (E).
1941, Second June Number, No.12, (E).
1941, First July Number, No.13, (E).
1941, First August Number, No.15 (E). Donated by Dr W. Le Quesne March 2003
1941, Second August Number, No. 16, (E).
1941, First September Number, No.17, (E).
1941, Second September Number, No.18, (E).
1941, First October Number, No.19, (E).
1941, Second October Number, No.20, (E).
1941, First November Number, No.21, (E).
1941, Second November Number, No.22, (E).
1941, Special December, No.23/24, (E).

1942, First January Number, No.1, (E).
1942, First February Number, No.3, (E).
1942, Second March Number, No.6, (E).
1942, First April Number, No.7, (E).
1942, First May Number, No.9, (E).
1942, First June Number, No.11, (E).
1942, Second June Number, No.12, (E).
1942, First July Number, No.13, (E).
1942, First August Number, No.15, (E).
1942, First September Number, No.17, (E).
1942, Second September Number, No.18, (E).
1942, First October Number, No.19, (E).
1942, Second October Number, No.20, (E).
1942, Second November Number, No.22, (E).
1942, Special December Number, No.23/24, (E).

1943, First January Number, No.1, (E).
1943, First February Number, No.3, (E).
1943, Second February Number, No.4, (E).
1943, First March Number, No.5, (E).
1943, First April Number, No.7, (E).
1943, Second April Number, No.8, (E).
1943, Second May Number, No.10, (E).
1943, First June Number, No.11, (E).
1943, First July Number, No.13, (E).
1943, Second July Number, No.14, (E).
1943, Second August Number, No.16, (E).
1943, Second September Number, No.18, (E).
1943, First October Number, No.19, (E).
1943, First November Number, No.21, (E).
1943, Second November Number, No.22, (E).
1943, First December Number, No.23, (F).
1943, Special Eastern Territories Number, No.24, (E).

1944, No.1, (E).
1944, No.2, (E).
1944, No.4, (F).
1944, No.5, (F).
1944, No.7, (F).
1944, No.8, (F).



Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung, 28th November 1940, No.48, (G).

Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung, 10th July, 1941, No.28, (G).

Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung, 25th June, 1942, No.25, (G) (article on Jersey p.366).

Hamburger Illustrierte, 18th April, 1942, No.16, (G).

J B Illustrierte Beobachter, 17th April, 1941, No.16, (G).

Kölnische Illustrierte Zeitung, 29th May, 1941, No.22, (G).

Templelburger Stadt-und Laudbote newspaper, 20th June 1943, (G).


CIOS Member raising the flag at a bunker opening

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